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Positive responses received from users of Neighbourhood Alert regarding disturbance alerts

Last updated: 08:45 15/08/2011
We would like to thank you for the positive comments we have received in response to our recent alerts regarding the disturbances in Nottingham.

Below are some of the positive responses that we have received via Neighbourhood Alert

"Thanks for your information - very much appreciated".

"Thank you for the very reassuring messages, When you are an "antique" as I am these updates are very much appreciated, thank you".

"a 5* response to our 100* police force for protecting us, the citizen's of nottingham......go boys and girls..........!"

"Bravo. Keep up the good work".

"Well done to all of you- it can't have been easy. It shows that we need our police force more than ever and it would be criminal to cut the staffing levels.
Thank you".

"Thanks for the update - very reassuring. The Police are doing a splendid job in extremely difficult circumstances and the efforts are valued and appreciated. Certainly back the hardline with the criminals. Well done!" 

"Feel safe,prayers n thank you again ;)".

"thank you :)".

"Thanku 4 keeping us safe. Our thoughts r with u. Duncan+Christine".

"Thanks saw a few police cars out last night which was good :) ".

"I did stop 2 policemen near canning circus to assure them that the vast majority of us are absolutely behind them. Colin dean".

"All the very best during such difficult circumstances. Just want you to know you have the full backing of the vast majority of the people in this county. You have our support to ditch political correctness in order to deal with these moronic criminals".

"Carry on the excellent work you are doing".

"Keep up the good work".


"Thank you for the informative alert - the FAQs were particularly helpful.
Thank you to all the Police and associated services for the outstanding support you have given over the past few days - your bravery in the face of complete lunatics is incredible. Thank you".

"Could I please take this opportunity to add my 100% support to the way in which the local (and for that matter national) police are dealing with the current unrest. You have a very difficult job to do. Keep up the good work!"

"We are with you all the way, but it's the politicians that need to learn a lesson. It was preached loudly by Enoch Powell, but all Ted Heath dis was to sack him to appease the do-good brigade".

"Thanks for the message".

"Thank you very much for keeping everyone alert and questions answered. The police and other emergency services are doing an amazing job and we are very proud!"

"Just a quick note of thanks for all your work done at this worrying time. Let's hope sanity and calm soon returns and that your officers can get some rest".

"Just wanted to say what a fantastic job the Nottinghamshire Police do in light of all the recent troubles. This countries Police are the thin blue line between law & order and total anarchy in this country at the moment. Here's to a speedy return to normality and a stern mesage to Government not to cut back on the vital service that you provide under very difficult circumstances!"

"Well done and thank you!".

"Although I have not been directly affected by the disturbances of recent days I would like to thank the Notts Police on their magnificent approach to the problem. I hope that this may continue and once again a great Thank You for all you have done".

"I was at the Forest v Notts match the other night and the support for the Police in upholding law and order in our fair city was incredible. Talking with friends, family and others, there seems to be a common support for the Police and I would like to thank you on behalf of the many who do so in silence. You have our gratitude and support against these mindless, feral animals who do discredit to the law abiding citizens of this country".

"Thank you for the updates. Will you pass on my thanks to the officers and any one else involved in protecting people and propery from these mindless thugs".

"well done - it is good to know the police are out there in these worrying times ! Thank you".

"The police and the support people are doing a fantastic job in these terrible times. I just hope everything settles down soon so that you can all get back to some normality. Thank you very much".

"Well done. My family in canada have asked for news, i will be able to reassure l them and they will pass email to all english folk in Canada ( there is a big network)".

"Well done to everyone who is involved in clearing our streets from these vermin".

"Thankyou to the Police of Nottingham for al your hard work trying to keep our City safe in these troubled times. But for your endeavors I am sure the violence and Looting would have escalated further. I hope the Government back up the Police across the country and any ideas about
Cut-backs should be abolished now it would be a regrettable pursue. What is needed are more Admin workers to allow the real Policemen and women time to do the job they are trained to do. Thankyou again for your hard work in dangerous situations".

"My wife and I would like to congratulate Notts. Police on their impressive success and result in preventing trouble in Nottingham. Heartfelt thanks and congratulations!".

"Thanks to all the police; doing a great job".

"Well done to everyone on the Nottingham Police Team.
Thank you for taking swift and decisive action to contain the troubles and helping us to feel safe. We are certain that "no toleration" works and hope it will be continued as a future policy.
The vast majority of people want to lead a peaceful life in a safe community and are appalled by the scale of the violence and looting, and the senseless loss of life that it has resulted in. The police have our full support".

"A HUGE Thank you to you ALL.
We really do appreciate everyone in the
Nottingham City & Nottinghamshire Police Force for putting your own lives
your own lives at great risk to protect us and ALL members of the public to date.
Please take care.
All the people involved in the recent crime wave are a Son or
Daughter and Grandchild to a Mother, Father and Grandparents!
Let us hope and pray someone can take responsibly for preventing
these self minded people from committing further offences.
Our City and County are places we are proud to reside and work in.
They are also places we visit to enjoy our lives too!
We must not let a few people take our live hoods and away!

Thank you again our thoughts are with you ALL. "

"Thanks for everything you have done and are doing to restore peace and safety to our community. You have our total support and admiration for your dedication and professionalism".

"Great news that things have now gone quiet. Even better news that those arrested and charged are being detained until their court hearings, at least some of the scum are off the streets. Nice to see that a high profile has been maintained by the police to prevent further unrest, everyone involved from the front line coppers to the back room co-ordinators have done a sterling job in helping minimise the damage to our beautiful city. Many thanks to all involved, I know the stress and strain you are feeling having recently retired from the Armed forces due to medical problems. Once again Thank You to all".

"To all the Police Officers. Thank you for all the dangerous and hard work you do to protect the Citizens of Nottingham it is very much appreciated. It makes us feel more secure and confident in our homes. Take care all of you."

"In company with another 30 members of the Rotary Club of Wollaton Park my wife and I attended the Theatre Royal with some trepidation, not quite sure how safe we would be but determined not to be bullied into submission. We were amazed at the police presence in the city centre and wanted to thank those concerned for putting the lid back on the situation - well done".

"Many thanks for the update,it is very reassuring to be supplied with updates on situations of this nature and not from the "grapevine"which is mostly hearsay anyway.Also please portray our thanks to all involved in persuing the offenders and safe guarding our great city.God bless you all".

"We are on holiday in France and have really appreciated being kept in touch. Well done to all you brave hardworking officers who have to deal with violent ignorant thugs. Thankyou. We do feel the media do not help to keep things calm and certainly don't help our city's reputation".

"well done,to all police involved in a difficult situation, lets hope the punishment fits the crime! thanks again to all on the front line".

"Many thanks for all the efforts the Notts police are making on residents behalf. All these efforts are much appreciated".

"Thank you very much for the update on the distubances which recently took place in Nottingham and surrounding areas. We really appreciate all the police do to try and keep order in our City as a whole and local area.

My husband and I only hope the magistrates back you up by giving suitable sentances for these offences (No matter what the age of those taking part) and not just hand out a slap on the wrist and community service. A much stronger message needs to get out to these people that under no circumstances will this sort of behaviour be tolerated.

We were brought up to respect those in authority something that is sadly lacking these days. Some of us came from poor families who survived without hand outs and we ourselves without getting into trouble. Our parents would have dealt out strict punishments had we done so. Everything we owned then and now has been worked and paid for by sheer determination not to get into debt. It has always been a case of if we cannot afford it we go without. Too much is expected too soon now. Our thanks again for the brilliant job you do under so much pressure ".

"A big thank you to the Notts force for their work during these disturbances in what must be a difficult time for them".

"Please may I add my family's support and appreciation of the Police in Nottingham and their response to the recent events. We are grateful and would fully support the most robust of responses to disturbances. We are indebted to the bravery of the poise officers and their professionalism. Regards".

"Many thanks for the update. Our thanks for the support the police have provided. I just wish I was young enough to be a special as my son was a few years ago at Beeston. I hope the Government will also takes these circumstances into account when reviewing the cuts in policing that have been predicted. However there is another side to this situation, and no doubt that will be a focus of discussion in the future".

"We can sleep soundly tonight again because of the efforts of all your officers and emergency services. I can't thank you enough. You do a fantastic job".

"Just a quick note, to say thanks for all the hard work the 'boys in blue' are doing. It must be a thanklass task at times, but heres one family that would like to say "THANK YOU, and keep up the good work!".

"Thank you to all involved for the update, and the protection given from the force in Nottingham".

"I myself and a lot of other people I've spoken with think its high time that our police forces were allowed to use any means possible at their disposal for any situation out their on our streets to respond to the limit immediately. And not having to wait for people sitting in high office giving the O.K for this to take place. The only ones who would say it's not right are the ones breaking the laws of our country.

"Congratulations to the Police at all levels. You did all that can be expected of you to keep us safe.ther are no better police forces in the world".

"A massave 'thumbs up' to the nottingham police force!".

"Absolutely nothing wrong with robust policing just hope the PC brigade don't mis-interpret any actions. Well done keep up the good work".

"The Notts Police Force, Special Constables and CSOs are fulfilling a magnificent role for the community at this time and merit every support - for the right equipment and all financial and moral support- ( Resident in Nottingham Park Estate- adjacent to Canning Circus Police Station)-12/08/2011". 

"Well done!".

"I don't normally respond to circular emails however on this occasion I would like to make a few points;
Firstly to congratulate and and commend the action taken by individual officers and the Nottinghamshire force in general in the novel and very testing circumstances of the last few days.
I hope in time individual officers bravery and courage will be recognised properly and where operational planning has been a success that is recognised as well.
Secondly to say that this system of alerts and information is immensely useful and it is good to read a factual report from 'the horses mouth' as it were (!) and not through the media.
Finally to thank you all for what you do on our behalf, and keep up the good work.
With best wishes".

"Well done Notts Police ,in taking the action you have , continue the good work , and may God Bless you all as you patrol the streets of our City and County".

"My husband and I fully support all the good work your Officers are doing in this awful and difficult situation. They are to be commended for their dedication to duty in terrible conditions. We would back any call on the Government to cancel the proposed cuts to policing in the country".

"Many thanks for the update".
"Well done Nottingham Police. I just hope the courts deal with the offenders appropriately".
"Thank you for1: being such a reliable police force 2 taking the trouble to keep everyone informed 3 doing your best to protect us.
I met a chap who looked older than my 68 years, when coming up Park Drive to-day, who asked:'What time does the rioting begin to-night? I'd like a new television!'
If at some stage, you need support to maintain the level of funding you need to continue policing adequately, please do not hesitate to contact us".
"Thank you for keeping us up to date with the violence etc in Nottingham. We have been away and only got your messages this evening. Whatever action you deem necessary will have our full support, and think what you have done so far is First Class. Thank you very much".
"Well done for ensuring that these pathetic people have not been allowed to rule the streets for any longer than they did. Be careful though with just 'words' that are meaningless. It is in my opinion not correct to state that it was part of your strategy to stamp out any sign of trouble decisively. Had that been the case then I don't think you would have reached the stage of having to arrest 105 people and to have charged 61 of them. The situation had clearly got out of control before you 'stamped' down on it. If something is to be 'robust', then it needs to be 1 step ahead of this sort of trouble. It cannot be described as robust if there is no defence to prevent Police Stations being fire-bombed. You were on the back-foot and steps need to taken in future to ensure that if trouble erupts in London, then there is a high likelihood of copycat crimes being committed in Nottingham. You should have been on higher alert through Social Media sites to have anticipated the reaction that we saw in Nottingham, and to have mobilised more front line immediately".
"Dear Police Administrator,
Just to like to say how well the Police response was and how courageous in controlling the riots
that spread across the country.For me personally gangs of yobs and youth l find upsetting and
distressing and causes anxiety. The Riots were absolutely appalling seeing a gang of yobs
smashing up a Police car with the officer,s still inside the car was disturbing if they can do that
then they will do it to anyone .
It make,s you want to go and find a place in the country where they don,t exist, to think the
future of the Plant maybe determined by them poor planet".
"THANK YOU for the wonderful job the police are doing.
Bless you all".
"Spectacular Job. Now you can see why we are rated the best in the world!Well done everyone - we are very proud of you".

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